Oct 21

March/April 2015 Newsletter and Meeting

The February ’15 newsletter can be found here: 20150304Newsletter or on the Newsletter page.  Please Right Click > Save As the newsletter


The April General Membership Meeting is this Wednesday, 4/22/15 at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!



Sep 24

September Meeting and Newsletter

The September 2014 General Membership meeting will be Wednesday, 9/24/14 at 7pm sharp.

We have a special presentation from Tom MacVicar from the Florida Crystals Sugar Corp, detailing their Everglades protection play.  It is highly encouraged you attend this meeting and bring questions.


The Sept ’14 Newsletter can be downloaded HERE or on the Newsletter tab.


See you at the meeting!

Feb 25

Official 26th Annual Airboat and Buggy Show!

26th Broward Cty Airboat Show flyer-1

Jan 16

2014 FAA Quarterly Meeting to be Held at Boars Nest!

FAA meeting

Oct 31

Invasive Reptiles in the Everglades Presentation

Invasive Reptiles in the Everglades

photo (1)


Bruce Ward pictured with FWC Biologists Jenny Echols and Jenny Novack and Cheryl Millet from the Nature Conservancy.


The Broward County Airboat Halftrack and Conservation Club decided to take an opportunity to educate our members on a very important Conservation issue. We invited three Biologists to speak to us about invasive reptiles that are destroying our native species in the Everglades. We were quite surprised when Cheryl Millet of The Nature Conservancy presented her slideshow and handout materials and we were able to see the seven snakes and seven lizards that now call the Everglades home.  She also showed us a map of Florida where these Pythons have been captured. They have been captured in all areas of the State even the panhandle. These snakes are hardy and can with stand a lot of trauma and still survive. The new record length of a captured Python is 18’8” besting the previous record of 17’7”. These snakes can reach a length of 13 ‘ in just 8 years with optimum feeding conditions, and Florida is just that for these snakes. FWC Biologist Jenny Echols and Jenny Novack confirmed there were Nile Monitors, Tegu Lizards being captured in South Florida. We were warned that these lizards have a nasty bite and to be very careful around any of these invasives. Safety first and take a picture if at all possible. The picture will help in positive identification. The FWC emphasized that there are laws to adhere to when you run across these reptiles. You are not allowed to remove these reptiles alive from the Everglades unless you are licensed. You will also need to check with the 2013-2014 hunting regulations for other questions you may have. Should you find any of these Conditional Reptiles dead they would still like you to report it. You can report a live or dead Invasive either by phone 1-888- IveGot1( 1-888-483-4681) put this number in your cell phone or online www.IveGot1.org. 

One thing that is very important is that our native reptiles are not misidentified and killed. Each and every thing in the Everglades is needed for other species to exist. Keeping our Everglades Wildlife healthy and thriving is all of our concerns. The BCAHCC is one of the Conservation Clubs that want to restore the Everglades so our children can enjoy what we have enjoyed in the past. We need everyone to help eradicate these invasive reptiles, plants, or anything else that threatens the Glades. We need to support the efforts of all Conservation Groups in Florida to eradicate these threats. We want to thank Cheryl Millett for driving three hours from Babson Park to educate our club on this important issue. Also thanking both of the FWC Biologists Jenny Echols and Jenny Novack for driving from West Palm Beach to provide a clear communication channel with the FWC and to educate our club on what we can do to support the FWC efforts with this problem. Finally thanks to our members who listened attentively and asked meaningful questions concerning Invasive Reptiles. It was a good educational class for the BCAHCC.

Oct 24

Operation Deer Save – 1966 (Video)

Just a heads up if you’re watching with young children, there are some scenes of dead and decaying deer in the videos but this is the result of keeping the water too high for too long.


Bob McDonald Reflecting on Operation Deer Save


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5

Oct 10

Central Everglades Planning Project Public Commentary Needed

Public Commentary on CEPP Draft Integrated Project Implementation Report and Environmental Impact Statement.

Public Commentary is Open Until November 1st, 2013

Comments can be submitted electronically to:

Comments can be mailed into:
Dr. Gretchen Ehlinger
US Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 4970
Jacksonville, FL 32232

Club Members and Friends,

For those who were unable to attend any of the CEPP meetings last month and even for those who attended), it’s time to submit public commentary about the CEPP plan.  Your comments are extremely important to the future of the plan.  This is a public plan and every single comment is reviewed and taken into consideration.  If we keep our opinions to ourselves, we can’t complain in the future if things don’t go our way.

This email is to let you know our general stance and what our comments have been at CEPP meetings.  You can always add in your own opinions but it is very, very important to not let your comments turn into a complaint session about what is currently happening right now with closures, etc.

John Rosier did a nice write up for the Full Track club and I’ve added his talking points here:

I can’t stress enough that comments must be made on the three points that we want to highlight. They are– water depth and duration, loss of habitat, and tree island destruction in the area. You can also mention loss of furbearing animals and loss of wading birds due to the high water levels that are projected. Hopefully you read the article that the Sentinel put out where there scientist basically said the water levels will be higher and there will be a loss to the deer population.

Another point to bring up is that we consider the WMA to be more everglades than the ENP. They call area 3 remnant everglades and a water conservation area.  Unfortunately, that is the official name of area 3 and what it was originally designed for. You can also talk about the timing of the projects and that any construction should start in the south end first to alleviate the water problems we have now. You can use the current closure as an example that if the getaway capacity was increased per the plan, we wouldn’t have the closure we have now.

And finally, you will hear people talk about water quality issues as far as what goes into the ENP. This is a serious issue to us because even though the ENP says they want all the water they can get, they have tougher standards on water quality which would mean that they would shut the water off and then we would have the ponding we have now.

Please take a few minutes to write an email or letter and send it off.  We cannot stress how important public commentary is for this plan.

I have attached a copy of my letter to the CEPP committee if you need any ideas.  I’d suggest not copy and pasting it but if you can touch on the points that are brought up the committee will get the idea.

My letter can be found here:

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the plan. I’m sure Damon or John would be more than willing to fill you in if you haven’t been able to attend any of the meetings.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  See you out in the grass

Sep 24

April 2014 Newsletter and Meeting.

The April 2014 Newsletter is posted in the Newsletter section.

The general membership meeting will be held this Wednesday at 7pm sharp.

Please arrive early to get food and get settled.

Davie Womens Club

6551 Orange Ave

Davie, FL


Aug 21

FWC Huntmaster Training Course

FWC is hosting a Huntmaster Training Course at the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp. The training course is Sept. 6-8.

You can register here: http://outreach.myfwc.com/events/event_details.asp?id=340676

Aug 20

August Meeting, Newsletter, Banquet, Poker Run and More!

First off, we had a great and productive E-Board meeting last week.  We’re very excited about the new group and are looking forward to a fun year.


The August 2014 meeting is Wednesday August 28th.  Davie Women’s Center.

The 2014 Banquet and Awards ceremony is this weekend!  Contact Bill Sirola for tickets.  954.543.3709

The Boars Nest Bash Labor Day Weekend Poker Run is Saturday August 31st.  We hope to see you all there.


Please click on the Newsletter tab for the August 2013 newsletter.


Or Download it here: NEWSLETTER

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